It was a fun and delicious night that surprised most people that came. I don’t think they realized just how tasty vegetarian can be! A lot of people signed up because “I knew everything you teach is so delicious!” Thank you for your vote of confidence in me and I am glad I did not disappoint!

am preparing a spaghetti squash for our first dish. SO tasty and SO healthy. Yes those two things can exist together and this dish proves it!


This is what it looks like after we roasted it. Looks just like spaghetti!


And this my friends is the finished product. Let’s dig in!


Here I am preparing the zucchini for the amazing cheesy zucchini rolls. 


Squeezing the San Marzano tomatoes for the marinara. Sometimes your hands are the best tools!


One of our tasters for an upcoming class. Chinese Almond Cookies. Heavenly and highly addicting!


Cheesy Zucchini Rolls. Yes.. there are no words for these. Just close your mouth and eat. Mmmmmm!


Sauteeing some veggies for the Bulgar Wheat Salad. Good stuff in this pan!


Dump those sauteed veggies in with some other good stuff and you’ve got this. Pretty much perfect for any time of the day or night. Warm, room temperature or cold. Gotta love a versatile dish like this one!


I made believers out of tofu haters (Like me) with these tofu lettuce wraps. Once again… no words. You won’t believe it’s not ground meat either. The texture and taste is just like ground meat. And the sauces made it over the top good!


Last but certainly not least is my veggie taco with the “ridiculously good green sauce”! Yes that sauce will probably become a household staple to put on everything. Can’t get enough of this stuff!


Photo op with an amazing group of ladies. In fact, Francie (far left) takes the prize for the person that travelled the furthest for my class! Francie came from Tokyo, Japan and is here for a week to celebrate her friend Cora’s birthday (Far right). Now that is a good friend! She came to my class before and it is so nice to have her in my class again!

Image 1

Two new friends I met in class… Emily and Mandy. My favorite thing about teaching these classes is making new friends from all over! Goodness… I am lucky!


I finally remembered to take a class picture (minus two that already had left) on my third and final night. Seriously… such beautiful, amazing and talented people I am surrounded by. Thanks to all that came… it was fun, huh?! XO