What to have for lunch? How about eating what you love. This here pretty much sums up some of my loves. Heirloom tomatoes, avocados and cottage cheese. Yes… I LOVE cottage cheese! I know most of you would put some fresh mozzarella on here instead of the cottage cheese and that works too. After all… this is about eating what YOU love.

Sometimes simple is best don’t you think? Simple, good, fresh ingredients. Three more things that I love. There are enough complicated things in our lives. Lunch definitely should not be one of them!

So here is what I threw together for lunch today. I sliced up one ripe heirloom tomato. Half of an avocado, cut into quarters and a nice scoop of cottage cheese. Tomatoes and avocados love salt and pepper so I gave in to their infatuation with each other. I sprinkled a little chili powder on the avocados and cottage cheese (a little kick keeps life and lunch from being boring) and topped it with a a small amount of julienned fresh basil leaves. No recipe needed here. And it was perfect.