I decided I would post the ingredients and measurements for the smoothie I drink every morning that I posted on instagram yesterday. I know that if you don’t get the right balance of everything, especially the kale, it my not turn out so tasty. This is tasty, smooth and so good for you! I love starting out my day right with this smoothie…. even if I eat bad the rest of the day!


Here’s all the ingredients you will need. 


First, I dump in my hemp protein powder, flaxseed and chia seeds. There are so many benefits in these for your body and your health. 


Next, in goes the almond milk and banana. 


Next.. a huge amount of kale! You are pretty much drinking down a kale salad! Another huge healthy power food. No worries though people…. it will not taste bitter or fibrous…. I promise! At least if you follow my steps. 


Last of all… pour in those yummy frozen berries! I always use frozen so my smoothie is extra cold and I love the texture of a smoothie that has frozen fruit in it. 


I have a Vitamix blender, so I am going to tell you how we get it done with this blender. First, start at the low setting on number 1. 


Very slowly start dialing up all the way to the highest number. The key word here is SLOWLY! 


Once it is pretty much mixed in, continue to blend at the low setting at the highest number for at least 1 minute.


Then turn it to high and let it blend for an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute. It will be very smooth. 


Pour it into a very large tumbler and have at it! It also keeps you satiated for a long while! There you go… a huge breakfast and you can feel good about it! Not too shabby!

To see the recipe, click HERE. Here’s to a good start everyday!