Seriously people… these are some of my most favorite tools in my kitchen. I am always needing a tablespoon or three of some sort of citrus juice in my recipes. With these juicers, it is quick and easy!


In need of some fresh lime juice to go in that dressing? Just cut a lime in half. 


Place it pulp side down. 


And squeeze! The juice will come pouring out and the pulp and seeds will stay behind. 


Need lemon juice? No problem.


Nothing like fresh orange juice in my orange rolls and icing. 


There you go. See how easy and fast that was? And clean up? These wash up in a snap! I got these juicers at Sur La Table, but I saw the lemon and lime ones at my local grocery store too. I also hear Target sells them. If you don’t have some of these for yourself yet, what are you waiting for? Go! I know you will thank me later… guaranteed.