Seriously people… I LOVE this amazing group of ladies that joined me for a fun and delicious night! For those of you that have attended my classes, you know how I like everyone to introduce themselves during the class. When you come to one of my classes, I consider you an instant friend and so of course I need to know your name! It took us so long to do the introductions because we learned so much about one another and each other’s talents. And it was funny to find out that I had some sort of family connection with so many that attended! 


I taught my class at my brother and sister in law’s vacation home in Lehi and it was a perfect place! I even survived the class with one oven… yes you heard me right…. ONE oven! A huge thank you to Young and Sharon for sharing their beautiful home!


I was either giddy or delirious or both from a fun but busy day that started early taping a cooking segment at KUTV.  Regardless…. I was having a blast of a day!


For the fifth time I got to teach how to make the most amazing roasted cauliflower dish ever! Yes… this is the fifth time to teach this delicious menu. It was popular! I love being able to share all this  goodness with others! 


Making that delicious cheesy spoon bread again. So addictingly good!


Preparing the bread for our crostinis. Yum!


Yes… another picture of preparing the chocolate molten lava cakes. I don’t know about you, but I never tire of chocolate or looking at it! 

IMG_0703Not sure what I am doing here, but it sure shows my mood when I teach any of my classes. Do you think I enjoy it just a little bit??


Getting the final preparations done. Spooning some sauce over the steak crostinis. Steak, bread and cheese…. what’s not to love?


Time to feast!


There aren’t many things better than sitting down with friends (old and new) and eating a good meal. 


Lots of family connections here like my sister in law’s sister Emma with her dear friend.  Another fellow lover of making and enjoying good food!


Yes… I think it was an enjoyable night for all that came! 


My new friends Danielle and Nan. Found out they are related to my daughter in law and some dear friends back home. Small world!


I met Krista today at the studio! She was taping a segment right after me. She is on the noon news doing a cooking segment every Monday on KUTV. Be sure to check out her website!


Making a Jenny sandwich with these two gorgeous bombshells Tiffany and Corrine


Remember when I said that many shared about their talents that night? I want you to be able to check them out for yourselves! Check out these amazing blogs and websites created by: Megan BaileyHaley KjarBecky KimballKrista NumbersSharstin MillerErica PattenCaroline DrakeTiffany Sanchez and Corrine Stokoe

A huge thank you to all that came and helped make it such a great night just because you were here! Until next time…. because you know I will be coming back! What do you say… shall we do this again?