This was the last of my outside grilling classes for the year. I love these classes especially because my wonderful hubby agrees to help me. Everything in life is better with him by my side.


Here I am prepping the flanken short ribs. 


This my friends is kalbi… the king of the Korean meats in my opinion. (In other words, my absolute fave!) All prepped and ready to go in the marinade we made. 


I love teaching what I know and gathering with great people. And I love the anticipation as we prepare the food we will feast on!


It is a happy time and a lot of fun! Gathering as friends, learning, eating…. what is not to love?


There are laughs all around! How can I not love this?!


Did you know that most Korean dishes are made with a lot of vegetables? Helps to balance out all the meat we ate!


Talk about meat…. just look at this amazing-ness on the BBQ! Yes, my neighborhood was smelling unreal this night!


The dishes are done and ready to be devoured!


What a beautiful night it was! Perfect for dining outside via candlelight. Here is one happy and and satisfied group! (My apologies to my other class… I forgot to take your picture! Regrets….)