Tuesday September 10, 2013 – Tuesday September 10, 2013

31801 Via Perdiz

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Hello Friends,

I know a lot of you must be saying, “It’s about time!” This is a class that has been requested by so many of you for a long time now. Sorry it has taken me so long! For those of you that know Korean BBQ, you understand the demand for this class. For those of you that have not experienced this amazing cuisine, let me just tell you…. it is seriously the best BBQ ever! The mix of flavors are enough to make you crave this like none other.

I did the marinated short rib as a taster in my classes this week and it was awesome to see and hear the expressions of every person that ate it. Let’s just say, I have never heard anything that was enjoyed as much in my kitchen before like this taster! It was awesome!

This class will be the last outdoor grilling class for the year. Oh how I love the outdoor grilling classes we hold all summer long. Such beautiful nights! Talk about a perfect date night! And man… my neighbors must have been salivating like crazy with the amazing smells coming off our grill. This class will take the “making your neighbor crazy with envy” to a whole new level when they smell these Korean dishes on the grill. Not only is it the best tasting, but it is also the best smelling BBQ ever! You will see… or should I say “smell” (wink. wink.).

Here is what is on this mouthwatering menu: Kalbi (Marinated BBQ Short Rib), Dak Bulgogi (Marinated BBQ Chicken), Three Popular Korean Side Dishes: Korean Flavored Spinach (the best spinach dish… even your kids will love it!), Korean Bean Sprouts (Yup… your kids are going to love this one too!), A Korean Spicy Cucumber Dish and Chap Chae (An incredible rice noodle with veggies dish that seriously makes a fan of anyone that tastes it!).

The dates for this class is Thursday, September 19th at 5:30 and Friday, September 20th at 5;30.

Happy Cooking!

Jenny Evans